My new band, The Memorials dedicates this special note to all who worked over 2010, our fans and families:

Yep! It’s true! We’re going on tour with our friends, Just Like Vinyl. Time to unleash this thing. We’ll hit at least 29 cities from coast to coast, and ALL the information you’ll need to JOIN US IN A CITY NEAR YOU, is on our official website! Tour dates, ticket links, street team info, and more! Buy your tickets, post our links, & purchase our debut album on JANUARY 18TH! THANKS for all the love and support – we’re insanely excited to reveal this project – we’ve put the time in… now it’s time to play some music… for you.

That’s right, The Memorials’ music is on the road! The Memorials have been hella busy, gigging all this year. We appreciate your opinion, so keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, Myspace and everywhere else you find us. There are already scheduled dates for The Freedom Tour 2011, so please check The Memorials website main page. More projects and collaborations soon! Hold on tight, ’cause we’re giving you a lift in 2011!

Our debut single video is already online! Check out our tracks on our official website! We Go to War is also available for purchase on iTunes!

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